Is the new GM still the GM of old? Recent recalls give a glimpse into the window of the new GM

Cover-ups, months to respond to a slew of automotive defects – is the new GM the GM of old?

This certainly has been a busy few months for newly appointed CEO Mary Barra. As she tries to do her best to controll the situtation, US senators are now lining up to take a peak into the situtation. No doubt GM has worked hard turning the once defective ridden, sometimes downright ugly automotive line into the industry standard for design and quality. Its unfortunate the recent slew of recalls has cast doubt over if the new GM is still the GM of old. If the actuations that GM knew of the ignition problems in 2001 and waited till 2014 to take action are true, this would severely damage the brand it has worked so hard to repair since the 2008 auto bail out.

The reality is, GM has gone to great pains to elevate everything from the manaufacturing procedures, quality of materials being sourced, to the way outside suppliers are integrated into the design process. Dig deep into the new Corvette and you will find many industry firsts.

As more information is released regarding the recent recall/auto defects, we will see how GM deals with these auto defects and potential cover-ups over the next few months. Can GM’s brand survive – absolutely as long as they continue to build automobiles at the quality level we have seen from them over the last few years. Is this a minor bump for Mary Barra as CEO of GM? Sure is, but with a great automotive product line behind her she will be fine. Fact is, automotive defects happen. But its how a company deals with these auto defects that tend to matter the most in consumers long term perceived quality of a brand.

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